About Us


VIMOCHANA is also into contract manufacturing and private labelling of specialty oils and oils of special grade. Traditional oils mills are to be operated by well trained and highly experienced personnel to get the true flavour and aroma. Level of education, expertise in oil processing, extensive training, knowledge on oil chemistry are factors that are secondary as far as ‘Bull Driven or mechanised Stone-Wooden oil mills are concerned’. What matters most, for efficient extraction from these mills, with traditional flavour is EXPERIENCE. VIMOCHANA has employed personnel with over 50 years of experience in running these types of mills. This makes it possible to work on new and specialtyy products for research and unique products.


VIMOCHANA team has rich experience in developing natural, herbal products. With over 200 years of combined work experience of the team, VIMOCHANA has the capacity to recreate the products of ancient Siddha and Ayurveda.

The following oil based products have already been developed by the team. Some of them have been commercialised and are not. VIMOCHANA develops these products based on the market requirement or based on request from customers.

If you are looking for introducing new products into market and looking for all round package starting from concept to product, please write to us.

Our experts will guide you through the overall process.


Joint Pain Relief Oil (Traditional Siddha/Ayurvedic)

Joint Pain Relief Oil (Proprietary formulations)

Hair Oil (Traditional / Proprietary) 

Overall health

Specifically addressing hair fall

Dandruff control

Faster hair growth

Shining, healthy look

Muscular Pain Oil (Traditional / Proprietary)

Massage Oil (Traditional / Proprietary)

Bone setting Oil – for treating bone fracture (Traditional / Proprietary)

Oils for strengthening nerves (Traditional / Proprietary)

Special medicinal oils for Arthritis (Traditional / Proprietary)

Oil for Parkinson’s disease (Traditional / Proprietary)

The following traditional (oil based) siddha medicines / thailams/ ennai’s have been perfected by the VIMOCHANA team for commercial production. Their efficacy has also been tested extensively. VIMOCHANA also houses facilities, experts for commercial production of these oils.

  • Vaada Naasa Thailam
  • Vaada Kesari Thailam
  • Bhringa Thailam
  • Karippan Thailam
  • Maasha Thailam
  • Poduthalai Thailam
  • Vetpalai Thailam
  • Seeraga Thailam
  • Bilvadi Thailam
  • Kumari Thailam
  • Vaada Narayan Thailam
  • Pinda Thailam


We also take trials for extraction of oil from various sources. These studies are performed in the presence of customers to study various factors such as yield, operating temperature, variation with respect to seed quality and variety, checking quality parameters with variations in operating parameters etc., Such standardization studies are carried out for evaluation purpose.

These are done for standard or non-standard products.