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Safflower is a tall plant with spiked leaves and yellow or orange flowers. Safflower seeds are also used to produce safflower oil. Safflower oil contains high levels of polyunsaturated fats. polyunsaturated fats can lower your risk of heart disease when used to replace saturated and trans fat and consumed in moderation. Polyunsaturated fats help lower the total cholesterol levels in your blood. Safflower oil's neutral flavor means that it is good if you want to use it to simply cook food or provide bulk to salad dressings. Safflower oil has a high smoke point. An oil's smoke point is the temperature at which it begins to burn. Safflower's oil's high smoke point means that it is a good oil to use for deep-frying. Besides deep-frying foods, safflower oil is a good neutral base for salad dressings since it can be kept in the refrigerator without solidifying.

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